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What we do best: offer the purest of Canada’s resources. Our product line exhibits the richness of natural Canadian ingredients which we believe should be shared with the world. Products that can fight the signs of aging of the skin in extreme weather are certain to be effective in any climate condition.

SkincareThat Works

Natural, effective and chemical-free. We are proud of all the ingredients used in our products which we believe is the secret to healthy skin. We have made important decisions on what is incorporated into our products to ensure the safety of our skincare without losing out on effectiveness.

Beautyfrom Within

All of our skincare products use Pure Glacial Water from Canada. The difference? We produce skincare products that are easy to absorb and free of harmful elements. Only the purest of ingredients are used in all Faem Skin products. This is the beauty of our products.

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Beauty Tips

  • Water water everywhere...

    Did you know that most of the moisture from our skin is drained away when we shower with soaps and bath gels? The best known way to lock in moisture is to apply the Body Cream series after shower while the skin is still damp.